Tutankhamun Virtual Reality for museum and exhibition

The most advanced 3D reconstruction project of Tutankhamun’s tomb, using top-notch realtime graphics in 8K and photogrammetry technologies. 
All started in the Valley of the Kings
The “Gateway to the Afterlife” that leads to the discovery of Tutankhamun Tomb by Howard Carter.
The VR experience begins here…
An emotional journey through the discovery of the most famous tomb KV62 by Carter’s eyes.
6 minutes divided in 2 chapters of breathtaking emotions, all voice-overed by Egyptologist, available in all languages.


At work archaeologists, Egyptologists, set designers, computer scientists, music masters, to reconstruct, in every detail of the vivid virtual reality in 8k, all the internal splendor and atmosphere of the tomb, bringing it back exactly to when it was first opened on November 4th from 1922. Visitors will only need to wear one of the 50 virtual headsets developed by ONE Vr and Webn’Go to be immediately projected in front of the splendor that has fascinated generations of ancient Egyptian enthusiasts.

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